Always with you!
Oxybox is with you everywhere you are.
It is not important that you are travelling or staying at home, classroom or public transportations. Fresh air is with you everywhere you are

Usable everywhere!
It works with USB, so it can purify the environment of all places that this port existed.
On the desk
With power bank
In the car
In the bedroom
Suggested places for using Oxybox
During Transportations
The air of public transportations has pollution (airplane, subway, train, car and bus and etc.)
We suggest you to use Oxybox in these places; just connect the Oxybox to the power bank or car’s cigarette lighter through USB and put Oxybox in front of yourself and enjoy fresh air.
At Home
Contrary to the public belief, the air of indoor is more polluted than the outdoor.
Oxybox has not been designed to purify the whole air of home within some minutes, but it is with you through creating a safe bubble.
Some examples:
While watching the movie, place Oxybox on the table in front of you.
When playing with kids, keep Oxybox close to you.
In bedroom, turn on Oxybox two hours before your sleep time to purify the whole air and or take it with yourself and place on the table near you.
In the kitchen
In the kitchen space, in addition to air purification you can benefit from another feature of the Oxybox and that feature is elimination of odor!
As always, put Oxybox in front of yourself and enjoy your cooking.
Sanitary Services
the most dangerous place for pollution
Whereas the bathroom and toilet are the most polluted places for growth of fungus and germ, Oxybox can kill germ, bacteria and virus and create complete hygienic environment.
At work place
Work environments are as polluted as other closed environments.
At this place you can turn on Oxybox with your computer and or an adaptor; put it on your desk and enjoy the fresh air.
In sport
The equipment we use in sports produce chemical contamination, especially if they are new.
If you exercise at home or gym, you are recommended to use Oxybox.
You can put Oxybox on your sport mat and enjoy fresh air during the sport and at the same time improve your health and performance.
Protecting your children health at school
Protect your children from environmental pollutions at the schools and educational centers. Oxybox can be turned on with Power Bank and protect you at classroom.
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