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Pollution purifier
Virus destroyer
Anti allergy

There are millions of pathogenic particles around you; even if you do not pay attention to them

We spent more than ninety percent of our time at home and the air we breathe in these environments is sometimes more polluted than open environments up to five times

Oxybox is a small and portable magic air purifier
In indoors, it cleans the air existed around you.
Oxybox can eliminate gases, fungus and bacteria, viruses, allergens and airborne particles up to %99 and create fresh air bubbles around you
Two- years guarantee
France Technology

Oxybox removes pollutants from the air up to % 99, 9
In Fall- 2020, the result of this test on bacterial and fungal samples in one cubic meter volume, has been tested with level of 1140 Cm2 sample

Aero-pure Technology

The Aero-Pure Technology makes it possible to optimally combine Photocatalysis, UVc and Ionization for a triple effect which actually removes gases, harmful particles and microorganisms from the air and all these happened without the need for a filter
PhotocatalysisTo convert toxic gases and pollutants and make them safe
UVcTo prevent the growth of microorganism, bacteria and mold and destroy them
IonizerTo trap dust and fine particles in the air; these particles fall directly to the ground and can not attack to your lungs and mucous membranes
No Filter
No FilterUnlike existing purifiers, Oxybox does not require a filter
Oxybox at a glance
Product Specification
Product Specification
Contents of the box: An Oxybox air purifier
with USB cable
Weight: 110 g.
Dimensions: 38×68×85 mm.
Productive sound: Less than 30 dB
Power supply: USB Port, 5 Volts, 1 Amp
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