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Oxybox is a small, portable magic air purifier.
Indoors, clean the air around you.
Oxy‌box can kill 99% of gases, viruses, bacteria, fungi, allergens and airborne particles, creating a healthy air bubble.
BLAN Lighting Industries Company has begun its activity in the field of design and producing LED lightening equipment needed for roofed and open administrative, commercial, residential and industrial places by observing international standards. By establishing Research and Development Section in Lyon of France as well as establishing production line in Kaveh Industrial Township; the Company has transferred modern technology of lightening industry to Iran from Europe. The products produced by this company has been designed and prototyped including capability testing by French specialist in France and after obtaining final confirmation, the produced sample including the relevant technical information shall be transferred to the country in order to establish production line and after that the production process will be started. This procedure in BLAN Lighting Industries caused to produce the products can be exported to the region countries and even European countries in terms of useful life, quality, technical features and shape beauty.
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